Drupal Global Training Day 14.12.2012 Report

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On December 14 Alex and I supported Drupal Association initiative and held Drupal Global Training Day in St. Petersburg. The training was named "What is Drupal?".

Our official training page contains more information about training program.


We thank IIEREL for venue and environment!

You know that video tells us more than text. And we're glad to provide screencasts with 3 hours of the training.

Enjoy the video in Russian!

Hour 1. Basis (link to video)


Hour 2. Practice (link to video)


Hour 3. Additional information and Q&A (link to video)


Drupal Associaction mentioned us in December newsletter:

Trainers, thank you again for all of your hard work in making the Global Training Day initiative a success in 2012! Our final Global Training Day for the year on December 14th brought an astounding 47 trainings posted onto the Drupal Association Global Training Day site. These were provided by not only by wonderful training companies giving of their time, but user groups such as the Drupal Community in St. Petersburg excited to share their love of Drupal back to their local community.

In the conclusion I wish you to learn new and share your knowledge with others!